Simply navigate to page you want Anchorer to anchorize and copy address of that page. Then create new url like<url you want to anchorize>.



At this moment when you create a anchorization, it'll last only for seven days without visit. After that time you have to recreate the anchorization by visiting url described before. But if you or anyone else will visit the url before expiration, it will be prolonged automatically.

External services

Services like Typekit use hostname or bigger part of url to restrict access to their service. Since Anchorer is changing url completely, services utilizing these techniques will probably not work.

Ain't Nobody Got Time For That

If you want to do this automatically you can create bookmarklet for that.

Bookmarklet code


How to create bookmarklet

  1. Bookmark this page and give it title which will tell you next time, that it's Anchorer bookmarklet
  2. Copy Bookmarklet code into your clipboard
  3. Now edit the recently created bookmark. Paste Bookmarklet code as address of this bookmark
  4. Done? Awesome! Now click the bookmarklet you've just created and you'll get this page with anchors, you can address